Selected Works

WE Back Office System


⮡YEAR: 2021-2023

Empowering Operators to Manage Their Platform at Ease.

World Entertainment (WE) is a B2B gaming platform that provides the software and infrastructure for online gaming operators. To support operators in managing their WE integration, we designed a comprehensive back office system.

This centralized back office enables operators to monitor performance, configure settings, and make data-driven decisions about their WE platform.

My Role

  • Cross Team Collaboration: I led a product designer to collaborate with a product manager and developer team.
  • User-Centric Approach: I partnered closely with the product manager to translate user feedback into design insights and solutions.
  • Scalable Design System: I built a responsive design system to support desktop and mobile experiences.
  • Quality Implementation: Utilizing my programming background, I worked hand-in-hand with developers to ensure high-quality implementation.

Key Features

  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Performance reports
  • User Management
  • Configurable settings (e.g. bet limits, game additions)
  • Responsive layout

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Screens

Index - Dashboard

Game Record

Game Record - Details of Different Games

Realtime Report

Account Management

Back Office Screens, Mobile and Desktop


The WE back office system has delivered significant benefits for our operator partners:

  • 25% Reduction in Support Requests: Improved user management and self-service features have enabled operators to focus on growth.
  • 20% Higher Operator Satisfaction: Operators cite the centralized dashboard, intuitive controls, and time-saving features as key drivers.
  • Enhanced Data-Driven Decisions: Robust reporting and analytics empower operators to make informed decisions about their platform.